The Different Types of Renewable Energy Sources

By Terry Philips

Across the world, renewable energy is becoming our hope for the future. For years we have known that burning fossil fuels was bad for our environment, and now companies and charities are coming together aiming towards 2050 for 100% renewable energy usage.

But, with this being in the public eye so much it’s important that everybody knows what they need to about renewable energy. The first thing is to look at is what the different sources are, and there are three mainstays that you’ve probably already named – wind, solar and water. These are the main three, but there are actually six different ways that we can make energy using renewable sources (seven if you include biomass).

When teaching people about it, you need to be sure to keep it simple, get involved and set a good example within your own life. So, here are the six top ways we can produce renewable energy for the globe.

Solar Energy

This is the most obvious source of renewable energy, and one that is seen on a lot of properties around the world already. The planet has many energy resources, and this is pretty much the source for each one while this is what makes food for plants. Having the right cells to use in order to generate electricity and fluid heating is possible if there is a lot of sun available to your property.

Wind Energy

Something else which comes as a result of the sun, when the earth’s surface is uneven in the heating, hot air rises and causes wind. With this in mind, people have started creating wind turbines which have been proven to generate enough electricity for a small town to run.

Water Energy

Getting energy from water can be broken down into three categories:

– Hydroelectric – It is the rivers that we can thank for kinetic energy, and this is because there is a turbine that can be placed which water comes through. Producing this type of energy is best done with the use of dams, and you can enjoy them as a cheap and constant power source.

– Wave – The sea can be a rough place, and waves can be metres high because of this. Again, they would pass a turbine to create energy but aren’t as constant as other sources because of the variation.

– Tidal – The Moon – with a little help from the Sun – creating the tidal effect, electricity can be generated if we harness this properly. Electricity usage can be taken from this thanks to the water being trapped.

Geothermal Energy

The Earth’s crust generates natural heat, and if we go around one kilometre down then up to 500 degrees Celsius can be found. With this, there are also hot water reservoirs which can then be pumped to the surface to heat the surrounding buildings.

Renewable energy is big business now, and it should be something that you are considering for both your home and your business. Finding the right photo-voltaic wholesale is a crucial part of getting the top solar panel suppliers for your energy savings.