8 Simple Energy Conservation Techniques Every Home Should Consider

By Helga Stokes

With the increasing cost of electricity, it is important for individuals to incorporate simple energy conservation techniques in their daily lives. Most people do not realize they are increasing their power cost my ignoring very basic things. Read on to get useful tips on how to lower your power bills.

Buy energy efficient equipment. Before you purchase any new appliance, confirm that it has the label issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. Equipment that has this mark use about 10% to 50% less water and electricity than other contemporary machines. Although they cost a bit more, the total running costs will be cheaper.

Upgrade the insulation system in your home. The power most homes used for heating and cooling amounts to more than 50% of the electricity bills. Therefore, by ensuring the walls, attic, floors, ceilings are insulated properly, you will lower your expenses considerably. When there is minimum flow of air between the inside and outside environments, you will find the temperatures easier to control.

Install efficient windows. You have to ensure that there is a dead airspace in the area connecting the windowpanes. You must also seal any leaks that may cause exchange of air between the outside and the inside. Installing storm windows will be costly, but you will increase heat conservation within the house, which will mean less heating.

Ensure your appliances are used efficiently. Most home equipment come with recommendations from the manufactures. Following these instructions can help you reduce their power consumption. For example, just ensuring that your fridge is running at the stated temperatures can make a big difference. Even a simple thing such as washing the dishes with the sink-hole sealed can reduce the amount of electricity used for heating the water.

Seal air leaks. As you think about improving your insulation, check for any cracks and gaps that could allow inflow and outflow of air and seal them. Concentrate more on the regions around the window frames and door-frames. An energy auditor can help you with this process if you find it challenging.

Install a programmable thermostat. This will help adjust the temperatures of your home according to your plans. You can have the temperatures low during the times you are out and at night when you are sleeping. This can help save up to 15% on your heating and cooling costs.

Unplug your devices. Almost every home has small devices such as PDA’s, cordless tools, cell phones, and digital cameras. All of these need to be charged. Leaving the cord in the socket will increase your phantom load, which is the power consumed by appliances when they are not in use.

Put lights out when they are not in use. Leaving the lights on leads to loss of unnecessary energy. You can also replace old bulbs with fluorescent lights, which are considerably efficient.

These are very basic energy conservation techniques. This is an indication that one does not require a miracle to cut electricity bill. You just need to be more responsible.

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